Designed textile print by Fransje Gimbrere
Designed textile print as a curtain in a big open interior space
Designed print applied on teatowels
Girl wearing minimalistic coat with the designed print

    Culturally warped

    Inspired by warp printing, this textile comments on today’s ‘computer culture’,
    in which we often seek for control and structure.

    Warp prints are ‘coded’; the yarn is coloured before the print is visible,
    resulting in an imperfect print.

    I chose to go back to the source code of our structured society,
    back to the black and white grid
    and influence it by adding contemporary articles and stories into the code.

    The articles stand for the things we want to have control over or be a part of,
    such as the war in Israel or Syria, but also, the death of a world famous actor, Robin Williams.

    The result is an uncontrolled iridescence, a ‘fault’ in our perfect frame.
    Every story has its own colours and each line of colour is a different story.

    Exhibited as finalist of 'I-contest: Print it!' in Textile Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands, during the 'Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol' exhibition.