Inspiration of Dutch folk headwear and spacebubble airline headwear
Detail of artisanal headpiece of comfort cocoon collection
Artisanal headpiece made from recycled businessclass airplane interior
Comfort Cocoon hoodie for noisereduction and comfort in the airplane cabin
Publications and reactions to the 'from plane to product' project
Plane to Product project displayed in the windows of Bijenkorf Amsterdam at the Dam in Amsterdam

    The Comfort Cocoon

    From Plane to Product

    The Comfort Cocoon Collection includes a funky, futuristic headpiece
    and a comfy hooded sweatshirt, giving travellers the opportunity to disconnect from the unavoidable cabin environment
    and block out the world whilst flying high.

    The leading headpiece is inspired by historical Dutch costume headwear,
    complementing the Dutch identity of KLM.
    It is for 97% made out of KLM's 747 World Business Class chair materials.
    Two sorts of fabrics, foam from the back cushion
    and two storage nets form the base of this artisanal headpiece,
    in which a privacy mask, noise cancellation, neck support-pillow
    and build-in-headphones are integrated, to comfort travellers during their flight.

    The hooded sweatshirt is a prêt à porter translation of the headpiece,
    emphasizing the ability to draw back and crawl into a homely cocoon of comfort.
    The soft fabric and loose fit, together with the privacy related aspects of the artisanal headpiece bring the traveller the feeling of home, whilst being up in the air.

    This project was commissioned by KLM
    and displayed in the window displays of The Bijenkorf in Amsterdam
    at Tokyo Design Week 2015 and in KLM's pop-up store in San Francisco in 2016.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Man and Identity – 2015