Screenshot of 'The Perfect Abnormal' movie, exploring the world in full costume
 Scene of 'The Perfect Abnormal' movie, getting in contact with nature
Snapshot of 'The Perfect Abnormal' movie, experimenting in the lab
Picture of 'The Perfect Abnormal' body in its synthetic environment

    The perfect abnormal

    How can we differentiate from one another in a synthetic future
    where all humans are developed until perfect?

    The Perfect Abnormal embodies a rebellious movement, in a far distant future,
    of a group of people fed up with their perfect, predirected and predictable lives.
    They are curiously rediscovering the preserved and secluded natural nature and its effect on the human body. Bringing unpredictability and diversity back into transhuman life again, questioning the definition of perfection.

    This future vision on transhumanism was created in collaboration
    with Geraldine Spilker and Benedikt Stonawski.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Market – 2015