Bodyshape research with folded female body images
Inspirational image showing a female bottom with thighs bulking over her stockings
Image research and curating
Intriguing image composition of slimy body details
Intriguing image composition of a slimy mouth and dismorphing bodies
Image of an appealing unattractive body
Three-dimensional translation of the two-dimensional dismorfed body
The cover of the published language of the image book

    The Appealing of the Unattractive

    What makes the unappealing, appealing?
    Why do we feel drawn and attracted towards certain images,
    which display scenes that we find rather repelling?

    The Appealing Unattractive is an image, form and colour research
    in which I evaluate and define what elements we find attractive
    and which drive us off, where the boundary is between the two,
    how they interact with one another and where they find their balance.

    For this project I went through the whole process of book publishing, sponsored by CANON and Lecturis Publishers
    In the ‘Language Of The Image’- book, my research is documented,
    with my complementary essay ‘The Appealing Of The Unattractive’ enclosed.

    The essay goes deep into the human mind, how it reacts to fear, pain, gore
    and negative aesthetics, such as freakshows and BDSM.
    For more information about the essay, don't hesitate to contact me.

    In collaboration with CANON.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Atelier ; Language Of The Image – 2015