Material close-up of 'Luxury Fences'
Picture of 'Luxury Fences'
Sideview detail of Luxury Fence
HARDCORE exhibition seen through 'Luxury Fences'
Detail of Luxury Fence draped on the floor
Detail shot of Luxury Fence connections
Graphical sideview detail of Luxury Fence
Sketch of Luxury Fences in the home interior
Sketch of Luxury Fences in the home interior
Luxury Fences as a divider at the front desk of a hotel lobby

    Luxury Fences

    Jewelry enhances personal beauty.
    Instead of keeping this beauty to the mere wearable,
    ‘Luxury fences’ incorporates refined beauty in contemporary interiors.
    These architectural embellishing textiles are made from metal,
    but possess an attractive light fluidity that is enhanced by movement
    and distortion of pattern.

    This project was made for the HARDCORE exhibition
    organised by CoreStudio for the Dutch Design Week 2017

    The HARDCORE exhibition revolves around elemental materialities,
    materials that create a world which is more lasting. A counter digital movement,
    presenting objects that are physically heavy and digitally light.