The two sides of the future goth subculture
Description of the Maximalistic goth
Maximalistic Goth
Description of the Minimalistic goth
Minimalistic goth
Gif of the researchbook on Gothic subculture and concept development

    The New Goth

    In every way, the Goth subculture distinguishes itself from other subcultures by its permanency and its renewing capacity. It survived decades, hybridizing with other music genres and clothing styles, without losing its identity.
    Set in a certain musical univers and embodied by a specific way of dressing up, the Goth subculture continues to create new behavioral standards to a specific group of people.

    This trendforecast for A/W 2015, embodies my vision on the future manifestation
    of the Goth subculture, foreseeing two distinct types:
    The Majestic Goth and The Minimalistic Goth.

    In collaboration with Océane Algaron.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Man and Identity – 2015