Detail picture of the recycled leather stripe seperating curtain
Atmosphere and concept description
Colour scheme for atmosphere and concept development
Material samples
Leather sample 1 with leather and metal
Leather sample 2 with leather and knitted wool
Material range for the endproduct
Graphic proposals of possible arrangements
Compilation sketch of leather curtain in the interior

    Open and closed

    from waste to product

    A seperating curtain designed for office campusses and buildings.
    This assignment was especially based on and designed for URBN inc. offices.

    The floor to ceiling curtain demarcates smaller sitting areas within big spaces of the industrial office building, for having informal meetings, rest during recess and social interaction between colleagues, yet leaves the flow of bigger and monumental spaces of the old shipyard building unobstructed due to its open structure.

    The company’s bohemian eclecticism is softened for a more sophisticated and intellectual atmosphere, in which every subsidiary can implement its own signature style, with raw, bare and solid materials in rich colours such as golden olive green, deep tinted brass and creamy linen whites.

    Made from leather waste from a former tannery in Dongen, The Netherlands, that was affected by moist and fungus, combined with plastic threads, from recycled tires.

    Design Academy Eindhoven – Man and Identity – 2014